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Northmead Educational Centre was established in 1982 with the purpose of assisting students who are struggling with areas of their schoolwork. The focus of the Centre has always been an individualized approach where each and every student is carefully assessed and a programme custom-designed to address specific areas of difficulty. Despite our continued growth, the ethos of professional individual, experienced assistance to students has never changed. Our mission statement remains our guiding torch: If a student cannot learn the way he is taught, he must be taught the way he can learn!

Our tutors are hand picked and between them have numerous degrees and accomplishments within the school environment. Experience, dedication, compassion and an extremely conscientious approach are the hallmarks and prerequisites of all our tutors. Individualised assistance is given to learners in most aspects of both
Primary and High School subjects. The expertise and experience of our teachers enables them to assist in a wide variety of subjects from Grade 1-12.

We welcome all types of learners of all grades, including those in Government and Independent schools. Our tutors are experienced and equipped to deal with all areas of the syllabus in NSC, IEB Cambridge and programmes followed in Home Schooling.

Give us a call to find out how we can assist in improving those marks!

Individual Help

Our primary mission since 1982 has been to assist learners according to their specific needs. At all times we have held to the belief that each child is unique and requires a specific custom-made programme to promote maximum progress. This over-riding element has been the underlying key to the success of building confidence and walking the road to progress with our learners.
Solutions to Problems

Learners underachieve for a variety of reasons. Finding the solution to the difficulties a child experiences is the reason NEC exists. The first session that a learner attends he/she will be thoroughly assessed and the underlying problems identified. In addition ongoing observations are conducted during each session to monitor progress. Feedbacks are given to parents to keep them up to date with the programme that is conducted and the learner’s response.
Holistic Assistance

We encourage a holistic approach in all our interactions with our parents and our learners. Understanding the nature of the problem, identifying where the gaps occur and applying our assistance to the current school curriculum encourages positive outcomes. Motivation and positive interaction is something that is encouraged by all our tutors. We approach our learners as unique individuals who bring with them their own specific personalities and history.
From Every Angle

At NEC we offer a wide variety of services due to the broad spectrum of skills that our tutors have. We work with both English and Afrikaans speaking students. Students can elect to stay for a short or long period according to their need. If needed help is at hand for a specialized course in Study Skills which will assist with learning subjects with low marks. The “One Stop Help” offers parents and learners the opportunity to address most areas that they are struggling with all at one locality.
Overburdened? Support at Hand!

When learners are underachieving or not reaching the potential they have, they can experience anxiety, loss of motivation or even despair. Often an experienced tutor can pinpoint the problem and lead the learner towards new doors of understanding. Changing the way a student experiences a subject can often be the turning point towards success. Click on our “Contact” section and give us the opportunity to support you towards a new look on your reports.
Frustrated with your Subjects?

We offer assistance in Mathematics for Grade 1 – 12, English, Afrikaans, Science, Life Science, Accounting and Study Skills. Learner are assigned to a suitable tutors according to the specific need that was identified. Some learners elect to take two or three subjects per week. As all our tutors are specialists in their field of expertise, different tutors will be dealing with the different subjects.
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