Time has a momentum of its own when students are struggling with a subject or a few areas of their syllabi. Most well-meaning parents will try to take a positive note at the beginning of the academic year that the sunshine will soon breakthrough for their child.  They quite naturally hold out the hope that given time and a settling into the new Grade in the first term that the Magical Wand of improvement and increased application will push the barometer higher on a report card.

The reality of this optimistic outlook is that the beginning of the year, prior to the time when the syllabi becomes more complex, is the ideal intervention period. By setting up some form of assistance BEFORE the gap widens is the most opportunistic window of time to have concepts clarified.

If you as a parent have noticed that there are cracks appearing in your child’s coping skills in one or two or even three areas then a “waiting period” can exacerbate the widening chasm of confusion.  Past history and research has revealed that the earlier the intervention in the academic year, the greater the prognosis for improvement exists.

The best window of time is the one you are looking at now! We have the tutors; we are equipped with an impressive team of experts in all subjects to make a change TODAY!!