Transform the way you

think about studying

Study Program :

A short-term programme that will transform the way you think about studying. Using whole-brain learning, students are encouraged to use visualisation techniques and are taught a thorough approach to revising work. Most students make the error of believing that they can remember their work without ensuring that is in their long-term memory.

A fun approach to studying includes the incorporation of colour, pictures, and music. This ensures that you will be fully prepared regardless of whether you are answering paragraphs, essays or multiple-choice questions.

Different students utilise different methods of learning. Therefore, if a student cannot respond to a mind mapping technique, then a more analytical approach will be introduced.


Our tried and tested method that we have successfully used with countless students whose marks have shown dramatic improvement after the 8-hour course, which includes:

Time Planning



Motivation to Improve

Memorization Skills

Techniques for Different Subjects

The study skill course addresses the following:

Breaking down demotivating attitudes towards studying

Correct approach through question-answer techniques

Developing summarising techniques

Correcting misunderstanding around time management

Reinforcing memory

Broadening different skills for studying different subjects

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