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The development of specific language skills in reading, comprehension, writing and presentation in English, is fundamental to the student’s success in all other subjects.  We aim to enhance skills in a variety of areas, encourage inferential thinking and instil an appreciation and love for literature. 


Studying Science gives a person a deeper understanding of the Universe we live in. It is one of the few subjects that are compulsory for several fields of study. Most students do not cope with this subject without extra help.  To ensure success assistance should start as early as Grade 8 and 9 in subjects such as Natural Science and Technology as these are precursor subjects to Physical Science and Life Science at a later stage.  In Natural Science and Science we teach problem solving skills and how to analyse and interpret data – skills which are necessary in all walks of life. 


Workshops are useful to assist students to understand difficult topics.  These workshops will be designed to develop skills and tools required to answer questions effectively.  They will prove to greatly influence general comprehension of the subjects given. 

Remedial English and Mathematics

Linda has over 40 years of experience in her field of interest and her lessons are designed to be fun and conducive to learning.  She is able to develop self-esteem to give each and every learner an experience of success.  Key to her success is her ability to utilize association, visualization and reinforcement.  Students are thoroughly assessed and underlying difficulties identified. Both current syllabus work and the cause of the underachievement are dealt with.


Maths is a very useful life-skill and is a requirement for further studies in many disciplines.  Maths is also great brain gymnastics!!

Effectiveness in learning mathematics comes through effective practice. Practical approach in teaching and studying mathematical concepts prove to be an effective way to master mathematics. As it is said, practice makes perfect but, we practice mathematics perfectly enabling students to be confident and determined to succeed above their expectations.


Lorraine is able to tutor Afrikaans in a variety of syllabi, be it IEB or NSC.  Lorraine puts considerable commitment and dedication into making a difference to the attitude that a student has towards the language. Vocabulary development, improvement with Afrikaans language structures and especially drawing on her caring compassion are skills that Lorraine brings to each and every session.


Learn the language of maps
Geomorphology discover the wonders of how the earth was made and how it is still changing.

Learn about our natural resources. Water and the atmosphere the affects the population has had and is still occurring.

Life sciences

- Discover the wonders of the Plant and Animal Kingdom and learn how each species, on this planet is uniquely adapted to survive in its environment.
- Understand and learn the intricacies of the human body. Learn the different body systems, their workings, functions and how they keep us alive.

Computer Applications Technology (CAT)

Computer Applications Technology (CAT) is a subject that includes a knowledge domain of Information and Communication Technologies (I.C.T.’s). I.C.T.’s are the combination of networks, hardware and software as well as the means of communication, collaboration and engagement that enable the processing, management and exchange of data, information and knowledge.

Six main areas are covered in CAT curriculum

Solution Development            System Technologies             Network Technologies            Internet Technologies   Information Technologies       Social Implications

Students will be taught how to understand the various technologies, standards and protocols involved in the electronic transmission of data via a computer-based network.

Find authentic and relevant information, process the information to draw conclusions, make decisions and communicate the findings in appropriate presentation media.

Use the Internet and the www and understand the role that the Internet plays as part of the global information superhighway.

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